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Karate is the most popular martial art in the world. According to the WKF, there are more than 100 million Karate practitioners globally.

Whatever your self-defense needs and interests, whatever your age and physical ability, there is a program for you. Regular practice transforms you into a completely different person with discipline, confidence, humbleness, patience, resiliency, and inner fortitude which can help us psychologically to mindset. It can help us to divert from stress and other life problems and will help us to cope with our fears in a better way.

Karate-Do, the full version of Karate, comes from three Japanese characters, “kara,” “te,” and “do.” Literally, they can be translated as “empty,” “hand,” and “way.” In other words, the literal translation of Karate from Japanese is “the way of the empty hand.”

Many people who practice Karate do it for both the physical workout and the self-defence benefits. The more a student practices Karate, the stronger and more agile they become. Karate is actually a great cardio workout as well as a muscle-building and toning exercise. If you do Karate, there’s not much need for other types of exercise in your life.

In modern Karate, students are taught to focus on the mental and psychological aspects of the art just as much as the physical aspects. It is important for a student to have a balanced mindset and a good mental health status at all times. This is a focus in modern classes. Karate students are taught to practice self-control. This is important because the methods taught in Karate could be deadly if used in the correct way. Students have to learn that they have this power, but they cannot use it simply because they are frustrated or angry.

Nowadays, schools offer Karate as an extra-curricular activity to help children get much-needed exercise, learn a self-defence strategy, and also build confidence. Martial art is built on confidence as a student has to trust him/herself in order to take strategic and definitive decisions when in dangerous or confrontational situations.

Children with ADHD often have energy that they don’t know how to control. It is often recommended that the children find activities to channel their energy into. Karate is a high-energy martial art, which teaches children to focus and rewards them as they progress. If you have a child with ADHD, try a few Karate lessons to see how he/she responds. Karate is not an art that is aimed at just the mind or just fitness. It is an art that works on the synergy of both body and mind being in synch. Students learn this early on in their training.

If you think karate is the art for you or your child, the best way to figure it out is to book that first class and try it out for yourself at Golden Fist!

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