Dubai’s Iconic Karate Club Since 1992

Golden Fist International Karate Academy

Golden Fist International Karate Academy, Dubai’s Iconic Karate Club since 1992 – an International Karate brand with its branches and affiliated Dojos in many countries.

Golden Fist Karate follows Dr Renshi Renjith’s system of Karate principles, which is universal, and can be applied by any karate style practitioners.


Be a Golden Fist Karate member

Golden Fist is a karate organization, which always highlights the benefits of the martial arts which helps the society on self-defense, health, self-confidence and immunity. We connect international federations, dojos, instructors and karate students and conducting the national and international karate training and seminars based on the martial arts.
The purpose of association is to provide a platform for the preservation and development of Karate, based on the principles taught by Dr Renshi Renjith. We will provide you many benefits such as membership in the international organization, instructor’s training privilege, karate seminars at your site conducted by team Golden Fist, Dan grade ratification possibility for all styles and organizations and international competitions.


Our Focus

Golden Fist Karate is focused on seeking perfection of character, being faithful in practice, endeavoring to excel, respecting others, and refraining from violent behavior. We strive to fully understand and apply the Golden Fist Karate through the regular dedication and practice of the Martial Arts.


Golden Fist Karate is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, honoring our commitments and fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect.


We – Golden Fist Karate – is an inclusive organization that values diversity, recognizes the human dignity of all individuals.


Golden Fist Karate strive to maintain and follow the traditional and modern technical methods of karate, for the improvisation of the art of Karate-Do.


We are always one step ahead to attain the highest level of performance and perfection for the individuals and team Golden Fist Karate.

Our Vision

  • To lead with the new waves of Martial Arts, and to be always one step ahead.
  • To be a Karate organization with the highest levels of integrity, leadership, and technical accuracy.
  • Promote peace and cooperation in our society, by guiding students in the development of positive character and physical fitness.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of the art of Karate-Do, through the practice of Karate teachings, philosophy, and principles.

Golden Fist Karate Academy is committed to follow the true spirit of martial arts, seeking perfection of character, being faithful in practice, respecting others, and refraining from violent behavior.


Golden Fist Karate Academy

Golden Fist International Karate Academy, the leading martial arts and fitness centre operating in the UAE, with its headquarters in Dubai.  since 1992, and now with over 20 reputable venues throughout the Emirates, Golden Fist Karate Academy conduct classes in Karate, Kung-fu, Yoga, Kids Mix Martial Arts, MMA, Parikrama – the ultimate weight loose program with yoga and Self-defence programs. In addition, we hold a comprehensive schedule of fitness programs on a weekly basis.

We are conducting Martial Art Graduation courses, an A to Z training package which will transform a person from zero to hero, which will help them to capable to find a high profile career, including professional fitness or Martial art trainers, work in the film industries as actors or stunt choreographers, high profile body guards, police officers, security personals etc.

We have International Training camps which helps to explore the new techniques and new trends in the martial arts with well-known experts, for all the levels of martial arts enthusiasts.

Our holiday summer and winter camps are very popular with children and youths with fun filled fitness programs and games.

We are proud to be the team behind the internationally acclaimed annual Karate tournament ‘Dubai Budokan Cup’ and the colorful yoga event in the Middle East ‘Dubai Yoga Mela’. Our corporate capacity extends to conducting National and International corporate yoga and fitness events. Additionally, as part of our portfolio we provide motivational speaking sessions for schools and corporate bodies.

A dedicated and qualified team of Martial Arts and fitness trainers conducting the sessions throughout Dubai and neighbouring emirates under the direct supervision of International Martial Arts Master, Fitness Trainer and Yoga Guru, Doctor Renshi Renjith, the Grand Master of Golden Fist Karate Academy.

Across all our venues we pride ourselves in our positive approach by providing top-class service to ensure that our customers and organizers are completely satisfied, knowing with a sense of pride that we bring quality programs delivered by knowledgeable and professional staff.